A bit about me

  • I have lived in Toronto since 1982 and in the Leslieville and Riverdale neighbourhoods since 1988

  • Married with two grown children

  • I have a business degree from Queen’s University

  • I am a finance and accounting professional with over 20 years of senior experience in the technology industry

  • Active in our local church and members at Variety Village (a great fitness facility in the east-end), I also enjoy playing hockey at Moss Park Arena and birding in Toronto’s parklands in my spare time

Guiding principles

  • The City must develop a customer service approach to serving its residents

  • I take a long-term, big picture view of City issues

  • I will not turn this city into a sea of residential towers

  • Everything in City government can be simplified

  • I am open to trying innovative ideas through limited trials with specific success objectives

  • City services, programs and departments must have concrete goals and metrics to measure performance success and demonstrate good value for your tax dollars

  • I believe in a ‘give and take’ approach to resolving competing interests and issues

  • I will stay focused and not jump on trendy bandwagons

  • I am open to using referendums so City residents can have a more direct say in deciding contentious issues

  • I believe that quality is more important than quantity

  • I will run a positive election campaign

  • Every tax dollar must be spent on a competing priority basis ie. asking what is the best alternative value for spending that money

  • I will spend my time as Mayor talking to City staff and residents to address City problems and not on photo-opportunities