Toronto harbour from Leslie Spit
Toronto harbour from Leslie Spit
Michael Lamoureux
Michael Lamoureux

Michael Lamoureux

For Toronto Mayor

"Building a better future"

  • Improve transit services, build more subways, free TTC

  • Reduce the future cost of housing for everyone

  • Free-up road space to improve traffic flow

  • Meet the demand for more parks & recreation programs

  • Provide more housing options and support services

  • Rationalize City spending to eliminate the budget deficit and reallocate funds to the above priorities

I used to think that municipal government had little impact on my life. I don't think that way any more. I think we are at a time when Toronto voters have much more power than ever before over the quality of life in our city, but it all depends on people coming out to vote. Please take the time to review candidate platforms and vote on June 26th. "Now's the time".

Please be sure to vote on June 26th

Here are some helpful City of Toronto election links: